Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work with Section 8?

Yes, we work regularly with local housing authorities. We are very familiar with their process, regulations, and rules.

Do you work with tenants on the Security Deposit?

We are able to work, to a certain degree, with tenants on their Security Deposits. We are able to work with initial payments and following up with payment plans to get the deposit paid in full. We understand the initial amount of a Security Deposit may be burdensome and so we are able to work with you through an agreed upon plan.

Where are you properties located?

Our properties are located throughout Delaware County. 

Do you accept pets?

We do accept pets in most units. We do have a pet fee that is paid monthly and additional Security Deposit is required.

Do you work with credit issues?

Our screening process takes a look at an array of factors, and credit is one of them. So poor credit alone would not disqualify you from being one of our tenants.